How This “$7 Internet” Will Deliver A Knock Out Punch To Big Cable Companies

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Every once in a while, a world-changing idea surfaces , poised to disrupt the world around it. This is that idea…

We all know we’re being taking advantage of by big companies, like our cable providers. This is nothing new to us, right? They over charge us and don’t give us any other options to choose from. It’s a complete nightmare.

Well “America’s most hated companies” are shaking in their boots right now, because eventually there will be a new lightning-fast Internet service, costing just $7 a month.

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I’m sure you are wondering, “How will it be possible to receive “$7 Internet” for my house?”

In a recent landmark ruling, the international telecommunications union gave one tiny startup company exclusive global rights to distribute to one spectrum required to carry this technology from space to earth. We’re about to embark on the era Bloomberg is now calling, “Internet delivered from the heavens.” We are code-naming this Internet: Halo-Fi.

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Halo-fi will be everywhere. It’ll be fast, reliable and a fraction of the cost of your regular Internet.

Cable companies will desperately try to destroy this. In fact, they will despise it! Smart investors are now looking at this as a way to make tons of money, because everyone wants to invest in this “$7 Internet.”

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At this point, your neighbors probably have the capabilities for Halo-fi. Just look out your window for this tiny little device on your neighbor’s roof.

“America’s most hated companies” are now scrambling to catch up, while tech experts are stunned by a tiny startup that manufactures this new miracle device. It has “beaten Google, Facebook, and SpaceX to the punch” in a market that could be worth trillions within just a few years.

Here’s the best part about all of this: untold amounts of money will be earned as cable companies are forced to compete with “$7 Internet.” Early investors in this tiny start up could see a single paycheck turn into a small fortune.

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